18 April

Learners Create their own Account through SimRegister App

In this very brief on demand webinar, the CSM team explains how learners can create their own user account by registering via the SimRegister companion app. Administrators can then¬† update the accounts in bulk to give learners access to SIMULATIONiQ …

21 March

Scoring Properties Report in a Session

The CSM team gives a VERY brief overview of the new Scoring Properties Report for a session, available in the Supernova January 2024 release.¬† The Scoring Properties report can help verify the scoring configuration of questions, cases, categories. The report …

18 January

Survey using QR code

The CSM team shows how to create an anonymous, standalone survey that can be completed by learners, staff or faculty with a simple QR code. Results can be pulled in a report to get feedback about your simulation program. This …

19 October

Audio Paging Templates

The CSM team shows how to use the Audio Paging Template, a tool to organize and schedule audio pages saved on the message player. This webinar if geared to all users from institutions with a message player set-up.

21 September

Requesting Sessions and Events in SIMULATIONiQ

The Customer Success Team illustrates how Session and Event requests can be used for educators to schedule rooms and simulation training in the simulation center. Differences and similarities in the request and approval processes will be shown. This is geared …

20 July

Supernova Release

SIMULATIONiQ Product Owner Amy Moses provides an overview of the newest version of the program, called Supernova. Included in the demonstration are a look at expanded Video Access set up from Sessions, as well as improvements to reporting and the …