15 June

Video Tutorials in SIMULATIONiQ Preview

The Training Team have enhanced our library of “how to” video tutorials for SIMULATIONiQ Enterprise. In this short webinar (less than 5 min. ), we provide a preview of some of what to expect in these revised videos. A library …

16 May


The EMS Customer Success Team discusses how a Scoring Rubric can be used in SIMULATIONiQ. The feature, available in version Rover SP3 and above allows evaluators to create and complete a rubric on learner performance.

20 April

Online Help Function

The EMS Customer Success Team will provide a quick overview of the internal online help feature in the SIMULATIONiQ. We will look at accessing user guides and examples to help you easily learn about and navigate components of the program.

16 March

Inventory Utilization Reporting

The EMS Customer Success Manager Team demonstrates how to report on Inventory utilization and status for capital equipment and disposable supplies and drugs used in simulations. This webinar will also cover how to schedule inventory in scheduled sessions and use …

19 January

EHR Electronic Health Records in SIMULATIONiQ

The EMS Training team demonstrates the process of assigning EHRs to learners so they can practice patient charting. Also described is how they may be used as part of a complete simulation experience. While the component is for formative practice …

15 December

Basic Reporting in SIMULATIONiQ

The CSM team describes the basics about reporting on assessment data in SIMULATIONiQ. This webinar is intended for users who are new to SIMULATIONiQ or new to using assessment and reporting in SIMULATIONiQ.

15 September

Video Playlist

The CSM team describes how to create, assign, and view a video playlist so you can play multiple recordings automatically; sequentially on your SIMULATIONiQ website or AV Viewer.

17 August

Request a Session

Customer Success Manager James McCrea illustrates how faculty can request sessions for the simulation center and how those requests can be accepted, modified and rejected by sim center staff. Email templates that help manage the process will also be discussed.