15 October

Remote Learning: Client Perspectives

Clients from Grand Valley, Georgetown and McMaster discuss how they use SIMULATIONiQ for remote sims and documentation. In addition, the CSM team provides an overview of the latest improvements to Telemedicine and Distance SIM.

16 September

Rover Release Part One

In this webinar, Product Manager Amy Moses demos several enhancements with the Rover Release of SIMULATIONiQ, including survey and scheduling improvements.

20 May

Debriefing with SIMULATIONiQ

In this brief webinar, the Customer Success Team illustrates how SIMULATIONiQ can support debriefing before, during and after the debrief.

20 February

Scheduling Sim Scenarios and Reaping Data Rewards

In this webinar, Senior Customer Success Manager Christine Qualtieri explains how to schedule scenarios in sessions so you can get relevant data output. More specifically: getting the most out of your AV scheduling input to garner important data output for …