17 July

Editing Videos from the Web

The Customer Success Team demonstrates the video editing feature in Rover version of SIMULATIONiQ. This allows clipping of portions of video that can replace the original or create a video of its own. Also shown will be video indexing and …

15 July

Customer Support: What to Expect: Summit Presentation

In this Summit presentation, the EMS Customer Support, i.e,. TotalCAREiQ team, discusses how the team supports SIMULATIONiQ users. In this recording you will see and hear from the team, and get to put faces with names of people you interact …

15 April

Multimedia Library and Support Documents

The CSM team will demonstrate some benefits of the Mutimedia Library in SIMULATIONiQ.  In this library within the product, Supporting Files in PDF video and image form, can be uploaded and shared with users through their SIMULATIONiQ accounts.